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ricci_challenge's Journal

Christina Ricci {Quality} Icon Challenges
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hello and welcome to ricci_challenge. This is the first and the original Christina Ricci Icon Challenge Community.

rules & regulations
1. Only submit one new icon per challenge.
2. Only use the provided picture(s).
3. Please be kind & considerate to everyone, even if someone makes a totally hideous icons.
4. Please only submit your work. Don't submit someone else's work and call it your own.
5. Please include a direct link to your icon when submitting.
6. Please submit your icon to the entry where the challenge's picture(s) is posted; it will be screened.
7. In the voting rounds, do not vote for yourself. Vote only for your favorite three icons, no more, no less.

New challenges will be posted on Sunday. You'll have Monday thru Thursday to create and submit an icon. Voting will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Winners and a new challenge will be posted late Sunday.

please drop a comment if you're interested in being affiliates on this entry

link me
please link ricci_challenge by using one of the following buttons; upload to your own server.

misc info
owner & mod: __surrender
contact: e-mail